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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

sockITz usb power points

All new glass connected touch sockITz (No USB)

Special Price: $75.00

Regular Price: $104.00


All new glass connected touch sockITz (No USB)

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Quick Overview

Our first round of pre orders are sold out. Once they are delivered to customers a second round will be open.
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This is our all new glass sockITz that has been two years in the making. This version has no USB ports. Looking for the one with USB charging points?

As with our first product the classic USB sockITz which is now in its 3rd iteration and still going strong, we are seeking your help to fund the final stages of production of our new glass sockITz. We have been working on this for the past 2 years. 2 years I know!  It takes so long to develop new products and get them right. We even had to wait for technology to catch up with our ideas. Anyway we have finalised the design and all the parts and have a working app with basic functions complete.   The next step is to get the plastic and metal moulds made, start full scale production and finish the app. 

We only have 1000 units to sell on the pre order discount now get in quick to secure your order.

The glass touch sockITz have been designed as a stand alone double power socket or by adding an optional protocol brickz your sockITz is given remote capabilities and other smart features. See the below protocol brickz section below for more. 


Using the latest in iluminated touch switches the easy to clean glass sockITz give off a crisp white glow when activated that dim to a preset level after few seconds as to not light up a dark room but still be simple to find in the dark. 

They are also designed to auto reset in the event of power outage to reset back to the last state when power was lost. ie. on or off just like a regular light switch rocker.


The touch switches use a common double tap to activate or programmed for a tap and hold for a second or x amount of time. All configured through a simple app on your phone. Whats more you can can lock them out completely to stop the kids playing with them so only can be controlled via the app.

 close up of the sockITz new glass touch powerpoint/socket




Around the entire edge of the socket is a full seamless RGB ( Red green Blue) LED Light that can be used as a kids nightlight or commercial colour accent to draw attention to the socket in corporate branding colours. In stand alone mode the sockets LED can be easily turned on/off from a sequence of presses on the touch buttons along with choosing colour from either red, green, blue, purple, pink, white, yellow and choosing the brightness. In connected mode with a protocol brickz installed you can control the leds from a colour wheel along with setting schedules to turn on/off and brightness etc. 

 sockITz glass touch powepoint with night light



What is this protocol brickz thing?  In short protocol brickz are an affordable way to give  “Internet of things” appliances a way to connect to each other so you can control them from mobile devices , monitor power usage and schedule events and actions.

There is a already hundreds of “internet of things” devices from remote thermostats to led light bulbs all of which come with different protocols and their own apps ie. bluetooth, wifi, zigbee, z-wave and the list goes on and on and on and none of them talk to each other.  The other big issue for the home automation industry is that new technology is always going to be evolving so its just seems silly to purchase expensive hardware that wont talk to the rest of your house in the near future.

Enter Protocol brickz, which simply allows you to replace the fridge, toaster or thermostats brickz module when new technology is invented without having to buy a new fridge,  toaster, thermostat or sockITz glass touch powerpoint, Its a no brainer.

Currently there is two “flavours” of brickz that have been carefully selected and engineered to ensure your home is fully connected from a single app but more importantly, be future proof.  As the connected appliance industry evolves so too will the protocol brickz to ensure your sockITz and other appliance continue to work.

Wifi & Zwave flavours. 

pile of brickz

A pile of brickz ZWAVE and WIFI

For most new users getting into home automation the wifi brickz is the best option, they simply connect to your local wifi and then talk amongst them self in a mesh network. Ie. the glass sockITz in your bedroom can talk to the glass sockITz in the kitchen and all other brickz enabled products.

However, some customers will already have a home automation system setup so that's where the Zwave brickz can add appliances to your current Zwave system.

So the glass socket is a stand alone socket that works without a brickz install but by simply removing the magnetic glass faceplate you can install a protocol brickz to enable all the extra connected smart features of the sockITz at any time.

brickz insert location 

 More info on protocol brickz can be found here. www.protocolbrickz.com



Along with the wifi protocol brickz comes the app to control the socket and the rest of the protocol brickz products we are working on (see the related products section below for more)  This app will be available for IOS and android

Specific glass touch sockITz app features are:

  • Control each AC outlet remotely or master off/on both
  • Label the sockITz and each AC power outlet. ie. Iron or coffee machine, computer etc
  • Monitor power consumption of each outlet with easy to read graphs and icons
  • Turn on/off nightlight LED
  • Set nightlight LED colour and brightness
  • Choose how the touch switches work. ie. Double tap for on/off (default), single tap, or single tap and hold
  • Set schedules to turn on/off power outlets. (great for turning off the kids gaming machine at certain time)
  • Set IF -> THEN actions. ie. IF usb cable is removed from bedroom sockITz THEN trigger the kitchen sockITz coffee outlet to turn on.
  • Holiday mode randomly turns on and off socket outlets at set times. (good for lamps)
  • Auto off a socket outlet after certain time or if phone leaves the house*. Good for iron

 Example of the glass sockItz settings pageGlass sockitz device settings page

Overall features of the app

  • Secured with FIDO authentication that can use your devices biometric sensors to ensure network security
  • All communications between appliances and the cloud or local wifi transmissions are fully encrypted
  • Control all brickz enabled devices with on/off toggles, dim functions, read sensor data etc
  • Custom control screens add devices how you want them
  • Auto changing control screens depending on which room of the house you are in. *
  • Power consumption monitoring of all devices and whole house
  • Full scheduling of any device
  • User management roles, for every family member’s device
  • Holiday modes to turn on off lights randomly
  • Trigger settings from any device on the network. Ie. when phone is removed from usb charger start the coffee machine and open blinds
  • IFTTT channel support *
  • Tasker support (Android only)*
  • Quick access to room control from lock screen and notifications panel  (Android only currently)
  • Car link via brickz OBDii adapter lets you know how much fuel you have left in you cars at any time*
  • Family tracking outside the home with privacy mode *
  • iWatch and android wear watch control screens *

*Future upgrade

 example screens for brickz app



The glass sockITz is able to have its firmware up-gradable via WIFI so we can add more features and functions over time.



We didn't want the product to be just a remote power point so we also have also added an interesting safety/security feature that bridges the gap between new and old technology. Smoke alarms are a great way to protect your homes from fire but what happens if you’re not home?  The glass touch sockITz actively "listens" for the unique sound pressure level of your regular smoke alarm and can alert you via the app to your smoke alarm going off along with triggering other appliances.

You simply put the sockITz into a listening mode and then press the test button on the nearest smoke alarm. this sound pressure wave is then recorded into the sockITz flash memory and it waits patiently till in next detects the same pressure.

sockITz smoke detected alert



Along with the LED nightlight, the LED light surround can also let you know visually how much power a certain appliance is drawing. This is a handy reminder to switch off high power use appliances like irons, toasters etc. The LED will go from green through yellow, orange to bright red for the highest power consumption.  Power consumption data is also recorded in the app via interactive dynamic charts and simple at a glance info.

sockITz power monitoring




The first shipment of glass sockITz will be white glass only but shortly after black glass and a coloured acrylic option will be available. 


Like the classic sockITz its designed to fit most modern mounting brackets but the difference is due to all the extra components required we do extend into the wall cavity 48mm, most plaster type installs will have more than enough room but there will be a few places thats its a tight squeeze or not suitable.

 glass sockITz dimentions



There is a whole range of related/complimentary products that are already pre designed including light switches, smoke alarms and much much more secret squirrel type ground breaking products.

Most importantly is our "anything" switch that will ensure your houses light and powerpoint match. This will be our next product on the production line once the glass sockITz powerpoint is complete.





Here is a few pictures of our early 3d printed prototypes with working circuits including USB type C charging just to show it is a real product rather than just rendered images.

early prototypes


Preorder now to get a great discount on this innovative new product that we will guarantee is "the" talking point in your home.  You can cancel at anytime for a full refund during the pre-order process. Hurry preorder discounted units are capped at 1000 units only.

Looking for the version with USB ports?

Additional Information


1. The original Australian designed powerpoint with USB ports since 2010

2. Single unit form factor, no extra bits to wire up just a simple swap of your current regular power point

3. Fits in 98% of existing brackets. Only 24mm deep

3. No standby power. Our transformer shuts down completely when not in use (doors closed)

4. Silent - no weird buzzes to keep you awake at night

5. The only Smart usb wall socket charger. Usb chargers are not created equal, see here for more

6. Awesome customer service. Check our feedback/reviews?  We don’t just say it, we do it.

7. We listen to you. Got feedback good or bad we are all ears.

8. 2 Year warrantee.