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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

sockITz usb power points

sockITz usb power points

The classic sockITz which combine a standard double power point with two high powered USB charging ports where first released in Australia back in 2010 after a couple of years in development.

We are currently at version two of the product with continual improvements made largely from suggestions from our customers who we invite to make comments on improvements. Our design is a single socket with no additional wiring or modules. Its no different from wiring a standard GPO. Whats more the USB ports when not being used use no power! Yes ZERO power! This was one of our biggest design requirements it had to use no standby power as we dont see the point in having a charger running 24/7 wasting power

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  1. All new glass connected touch sockITz (No USB)

    Special Price: $75.00

    Regular Price: $104.00

    Our first round of pre orders are sold out. Once they are delivered to customers a second round will be open.
  2. mountz smallest magnet phone holder

    Special Price: $9.95

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Introducing the smallest magnet based phone and tablet holder for car and home. Utilizing strong "rare earth" magnets to securely hold you phone with just the "right" amount of strength. Strong enough to hold an iPad mini. Other magnet based holders tend to mess with your GPS and can damage your devices over time due to excessively strong magnet fields going directly into your phone. Mountz neodymium magnets have been tuned to ensure your sensitive phone electronics are not effected. The magnetic waves in the mountz base unit are designed to not go past the back of the metal disks and therefore don’t go into your mobile device.
  3. Classic sockITz white USB powerpoint

    Special Price: $33.95

    Regular Price: $41.95

    This is our Classic sockITz model with twin USB charging sockets.


  4. Classic sockITz Black/Aluminium USB GPO

    Special Price: $19.95

    Regular Price: $43.95

    This is our Classic sockITz model in a black and aluminum look finish with twin USB charging sockets.


  5. Silver Faceplate

    Suitable for our classic sockITz range v2
  6. Cream Faceplate

    Suitable for our classic sockITz range v2

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6 Item(s)