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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Hi speed charge cables

2 Metre Reversible high speed micro charge cable (black)


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2 Metre Reversible high speed micro charge cable (black)

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Quick Overview

High speed reversible micro USB cable. speeds up your charging times 2metre


Tired of fumbling around inserting regular USB cables? We were too so we created a reversible usb charge cable that not only ensures it goes in the right way first time but its also rated for 2.5amp of current flow.

Most third party charge cables are only rated to carry 500mA of current so it means even if you use your phone or tablets supplied charger you will never see more than 500mA of current through that cable which means really slow charge times.

Think of trying to push the water a fire hose can supply through a drinking straw. It just doesn't work. you would still just get a faction of what the fire hose can push out.

The same can said for usb charging. We tested many charge cables that where supposedly rated to usb 2 and 3 and found in most cases they meant your phone was charging at half speed. Grab a couple of our new 1m reversible charge cables today to ensure your get the maximum speed from your classic USB sockITz products.

Below is a quick video showing how having the right cable can make a big difference in your charge speed.  The video shows a micro connector however our lightning cable is just as good. 

Additional Information


1. The original Australian designed powerpoint with USB ports since 2010

2. Single unit form factor, no extra bits to wire up just a simple swap of your current regular power point

3. Fits in 98% of existing brackets. Only 24mm deep

3. No standby power. Our transformer shuts down completely when not in use (doors closed)

4. Silent - no weird buzzes to keep you awake at night

5. The only Smart usb wall socket charger. Usb chargers are not created equal, see here for more

6. Awesome customer service. Check our feedback/reviews?  We don’t just say it, we do it.

7. We listen to you. Got feedback good or bad we are all ears.

8. 2 Year warrantee.